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Tax Problems – for individuals and businesses

International Tax Solutions has over 20 years of experience in dealing with IRS, State and City tax problems.

We have managed to resolve complex audit cases involving? (speak of experience and results).

Please browse through the list of tax issues below and contact us to have your tax problems resolved:

  • IRS, State and/or City Audit Representation
  • IRS, State and/or City Liens, Levies, Seizures and Wage Garnishment
  • Unfiled Taxes
  • Settlement Options
  1. Offers in Compromise
  2. Instalment Agreements
  3. Tax Penalty Abatement
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Divorce and support issues

IRS, State and/or City Audit Representation

You have just received a notice informing you that you are being audited by the IRS, or your state or city’s tax department.” Don’t worry! We have over 20 years of experience in representing clients for tax audits.
Get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will formulate a custom strategy that works for you. With our extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with tax audit cases, you can rest assured that we will negotiate the lowest possible debt settlement allowed by law and help you find relief.
Contact us for a consultation to discuss your tax audit and we will get back to you right away.

IRS, State and/or City Liens, Levies, Seizures and Wage Garnishment

The IRS as well as state and city tax departments can place a lien on your property, house, car, and wages. They can also impose a lien on your spouse and your business assets.
They may also impose a levy on your assets or begin to seize your property to collect unpaid taxes.
They can also contact your employer and demand that a portion of your paycheck to be sent to them on a regular basis until your tax liability is paid off.
As you can see, ignoring notices can eventually result in serious consequences like liens, levies and seizures.
If you find yourself in such a situation, get in touch with International Tax Solutions as soon as possible so we can formulate a custom strategy for you and begin negotiating with the appropriate tax authorities on your behalf.

Unfiled Taxes

Everyone is required to file taxes every year. If you haven’t been filing taxes for any reason at all, you must submit your unfiled returns to the appropriate tax authorities immediately. You will be unable to use options such as Offers in Compromise or an Instalment Agreements until you file all your back taxes.
International Tax Solutions will work the IRS and your state’s tax department on your behalf to resolve any past issues, file all of your back taxes and minimize your tax debt and any penalties. We will also negotiate alternate payment methods if you are unable to pay your tax liabilities.
Contact us for a consultation to discuss your unfiled taxes and we will get back to you right away.

Tax Settlement Options

Offers in Compromise

  • An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is agreement that allows the taxpayer to settle his/her liability with the IRS or state tax department for less than the full amount that is owed.
  • International Tax Solutions has a great deal of experience in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS and various state tax departments.
  • Get in touch with us and we can help you determine if your situation qualifies for an OIC.

Instalment Agreements

  • More often than not, taxpayers cannot afford to pay off all of their tax liability with a lump sum payment.
  • We can help negotiate an Instalment Agreement that will satisfy the IRS or state tax department while allowing you to make reasonable paymentsyou can afford.

Tax Penalty Abatement

  • International Tax Solutions has over 20 years of experience in negotiating the lowest possible penalties and interest payments. In certain cases we are able to have interest and penalties removed completely.
  • Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Currently Not Collectible Status

  • We may be able to negotiate to place your account in a “Currently Not Collectible Status.”This will update your account’s collection status as being uncollectible in IRS records.
  • Get in touch with us to find out if this option is available to you.


  • In some cases filing for bankruptcy can be the most advantageous solution to tax problems as it is possible to wipe out all tax liabilities owed.
  • However, it is perfectly possible for you to file for bankruptcy and not have your back taxes, penalties and interest reduced to zero. This is because the bankruptcy option requires certain strict requirements to be satisfied and not everyone meets the criteria set out by the IRS and various state departments.
  • Contact us to find out in you qualify for a bankruptcy settlement.

Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Innocent Spouse Relief is a scheme that helps alleviate the tax debt of the innocent spouse in a situation where tax liabilities arose due to misdeeds or fraud committed by the other spouse.
  • Contact us to find out if you qualify for this option.

Payroll Tax Problems

ITS has helped businesses and individuals with the following payroll tax problems and more:
  • Child Support Audits
  • Social Security Audits
  • Worker's Compensation Audits
  • Unemployment Claims

Divorce and support issues

  • We provide advice to our clients regarding the tax implications of dividing marital assets after divorce, spousal maintenance and child support.

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