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Tax Planning – for individuals and businesses

At International Tax Solutions, we provide a full range of tax planning services for businesses and individuals. Our tax planning services will help reduce your tax liability and ensure that you walk away with the highest after-tax income allowable by law.”
“Through the use of tax planning strategies, it is possible to reduce the taxes you pay on your income, investments, retirement distributions, estate and gifts and more.
Some of our tax planning strategies include:

  • Identifying any and all deduction available to you that are not currently being utilized.
  • Lowering your tax bracket by splitting income between family members and other legal entities.
  • Lowering your tax payable in the current year by deferring some of your liabilities through investments such as pension plans.
  • Lowering your tax liabilities by shifting income and expenses to another year where they may be taxed at lower rates.
  • Ensuring that you don’t pay taxes on a larger part of your income through the use of investments that yield tax-exempt income.

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We provide tax support services for the professionals, individuals,
families and businesses.

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